Accident Repairs at Blade ŠKODA

In the event of damage to your ŠKODA, whether as a result of an accident or vandalism​, our ŠKODA-approved accident repair centres in Weston Super Mare, Bristol and Gloucester, will make the repair of your ŠKODA as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Having your vehicle restored by a ŠKODA-approved repairer mitigates any effect the accident may have on your car’s resale value and provides guarantees on the parts and workmanship involved.

For ŠKODA owners, the Blade Accident Repair centres in Weston Super Mare, Gloucester, Bristol and Swindon provide a complete range of repairs and restorations. Our ŠKODA trained technicians use the latest technology to remove all traces of the harm done to your vehicle, restoring it to it's former glory.

In addition to replacing damaged parts with official ŠKODA components, we perform a number of cosmetic procedures to restore the appearance of your car. Very common mishaps, such as scuffing your alloy wheels on a high kerb, can usually be treated in a single day, as can scratches to your bodywork or a crack in your windscreen. This work, moreover, can usually be carried out at a fraction of the cost of replacing these parts of your car.

Providing the best customer service we can offer is a cornerstone of our business. On top of performing high-quality ŠKODA accident repairs with a manufacturer’s guarantee attached, we aim to make the process easier for our customers through liaising with your insurer after an accident. Subject to terms and appointment, we also provide free courtesy cars whilst your ŠKODA is with us, whether your car is being repaired by our teams in Weston Super Mare, Bristol, Gloucester or Swindon.

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