Special Offers

Producing quality cars at prices everyone can afford is a key part of ŠKODA’s ethos. At Blade ŠKODA, we share this commitment to keeping the cost of our vehicles and aftersales services competitive – an objective we achieve through our constant stream of special offers.

Selected models at our Weston-super-Mare, Bristol and Gloucester dealerships, both new and used, come with a number of favourable terms that could help you achieve a significant reduction in the final cost of your vehicle. From VAT exemptions to free servicing agreements, the eye-catching special offers at Blade ŠKODA provide a healthy incentive, no matter what your budget.

This commitment to low prices and generous special offers can also be seen in our frequent deals on discounted aftersales services. We work hard to ensure that our offers are relevant to you at that time of year. For example, we may offer discounts on winter health checks and accessories such as snow chains during winter months.

Contact our Weston-super-Mare, Bristol or Gloucester dealerships today for further details about our excellent range of special offers.