Volkswagen Polo

With Nil Advance Payment

Below you'll see a small selection of the offers we have available on Motability for the Volkswagen Polo! If the model you are looking for does not appear, please give us a call as we may still be able to help.

Car/ModelDLA holder Advance PaymentDLA Holder Weekly RentalWP Advance PaymentWP Weekly RentalVTN
​S 1.0 65ps 5dr 5spd Manual​£0​T/A​£0£60.81716360​
​SE 1.0 65ps 5dr 5spd Manual£0​T/A​​£0​£60.81​716359
SE 1.0 75ps 5dr 5spd Manual£0​T/A​£0​£60.81715147
​SE TSI 1.0 95ps 5dr 5spd Manual​£0​​T/A​​£0​£60.81​716357
​SE TSI 1.0 95ps 5dr 7spd auto DSG​£400​T/A​​​£0​£63.47​716356
​SE TDI 1.6 80ps 5dr 5spd Manual​£300​T/A​£0​£62.80​715140
​beats 1.0 65ps 5dr 5spd Manual​£0​T/A​£0​£60.81​716358
​beats 1.0 75ps 5dr 5spd Manual​£0​​T/A​£0​£60.81​715148
​beats 1.0 TSI 95ps 5dr 5spd Manual​£0​T/A​£0​​£60.81​716355
​beats 1.0 TSI 95ps 5dr 7spd auto DSG​£500​T/A​£0​£64.13​716353
​beats 1.5 TDI 80ps 5dr 5spd Manual​£550​​T/A​£0​£64.46​715141
​SEL TSI 1.0 115ps 5dr 6spd Manual​​£149​T/A​£0​​£61.80​715143
​SEL TSI 1.0 115ps 5dr 7spd auto DSG​​£800​T/A​£0​​£66.14715142​
​SEL TDI 1.0 95ps 5dr 5spd Manual​£​800​T/A​£0​​£66.14​715139
​R-Line 1.0 95ps 5dr 5spd Manual​​£100​T/A​​£0​​£61.48​715146
​R-Line TSI 1.0 115ps 5dr 6spd Manual​​£200​T/A​​£0​​£62.14​715145
​R-Line TSI 1.0 115ps 5dr 7spd auto DSG​£1,000​T/A​£107​£66.74​715144

DLA holder Advance Payment from £0.

Key features:
  • Parking sensors front and rear
  • Cruise control
  • Compositon media touch-screen
  • Alloy Wheels

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T/A = Total allowance.

All vehicles include metallic paint unless otherwise stated.

Offer available on Polo S and Match models until December 18th, 2018. Subject to availability.