​When it comes to combining rugged practicality with effortless style, there are few vehicles which come close to the Volkswagen Tiguan. Boasting stunning design, confident performance and top-notch safety features, this model has everything you could ask from a crossover SUV.

The Tiguan is a perfect example of Volkswagen's sleek new design language. Upward-sweeping headlights and an athletic profile make an instant impression and immediately set it apart from the pack. Tinted glass windows add practical benefits such as heat insulation, as well as visual appeal.

Sitting in the cabin of the Tiguan is an experience in itself. Power-assisted steering and a choice of transmissions mean that the ride is exceptionally easy to control, while RNS 510 radio sat nav with voice control handles the journey planning. All this leaves you free to enjoy the spacious interior and optional leather upholstery. In the rear of the vehicle, flexible 60/40 seating allows for expanded storage space in the boot.

Performance and safety are both covered expertly by the Tiguan. The engine range is highly efficient, capably handling almost all scenarios while preserving an excellent fuel consumption rate of up to 53.3mpg with the most efficient engine. Euro NCAP has bestowed its prestigious five-star safety rating on the Tiguan, too, thanks partly to its rigid passenger cell and advanced Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system.

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ModelDLA holder Advance payment
DLA holder Weekly RentalWar Pensioner Advance PaymentWar Pensioner Weekly RentalVTN
S TSI 2WD 1.4 125ps 6spd Manual
£849 T/A £0 £66.50715923
S TDI SCR 2WD 2.0 115ps 6spd Manual £999 T/A £113£66.75721338
S TDI SCR 2WD 2.0 150ps 6spd Manual £599 T/A £0 £64.84715907
S TDI SCR 4MOTION 2.0 150ps 6spd Manual £899 T/A £13£66.75715898
S TDI SCR 4MOTION 2.0 150ps 7spd auto DSG £1,699 T/A £617T/A
SE TSI 2WD 1.4 125ps 6spd Manual £1,149
T/A £67T/A 715922
SE TDI SCR 2WD 2.0 150ps 6spd Manual £599 T/A £0 £64.84715906
SE TDI SCR 2WD 2.0 150ps 7spd auto DSG £1,099
T/A £17T/A 715905
SE TDI SCR 4MOTION 2.0 150ps 6spd Manual£899T/A£13£​66.75715896
SE TDI SCR 4MOTION 2.0 150ps​ 7spd auto DSG£1,699
SE TDI SCR 4MOTION 2.0 190ps​ 7spd auto DSG£2,549
​SE NAVIGATION TSI 2WD 1.4 125ps 6spd Manual£​1,199
​SE NAVIGATION TDI SCR 2WD 2.0 150ps 6spd Manual​£699
​SE NAVIGATION TDI SCR 2WD 2.0 150ps​ 7spd auto DSG​£1,199​​T/A​£117​T/A​715903
​SE NAVIGATION TDI SCR 4MOTION 2.0 150ps 6spd Manual​£999​​​T/A​£113
​SE NAVIGATION TDI SCR 4MOTION 2.0 190ps 7spd auto DSG​£2,649​​​T/A​£1,567​T/A​715888
​SEL TSI 4MOTION 2.0 180ps 7spd auto DSG£​2,749
​SEL TDI SCR 2WD 2.0 150ps 6spd Manual£​1,499​T/A£​417​T/A​715902
​SEL TDI SCR 2WD 2.0 150ps 7spd auto DSG​£1,999
​SEL TDI SCR 4MOTION 2.0 150ps 6spd Manual​£1,699
​SEL TDI SCR 4MOTION 2.0 150ps 7spd auto DSG£​2,499​T/A£​1,417
​SEL TDI SCR 4MOTION 2.0 150ps 7spd auto DSG£​2,749​T/A£​1,667
​R-LINE TDI SCR 2WD 2.0 150ps 6spd Manual£​1,999​T/A​£917

T/A = Total allowance.

All vehicles include metallic paint unless otherwise stated.

* Fuel consumption and CO2 figures are obtained under standardised EU test conditions (Directive 93/116/EEC). This allows a direct comparison between different manufacturer models but may not represent the actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions achieved in ‘real world’ driving conditions.

BMT refers to BlueMotion Technology.

Offer available on Tiguan S 1.4 TSI 125-150PS until May 31st, 2018. Subject to availability.