Volkswagen Golf Estate Motability Offers with Advanced Payments

Below you'll see a selection of the offers we have available on Motability for the Volkswagen Golf Estate! If the model you are looking for does not appear, please give us a call as we may still be able to help.

ModelDLA holder Advance payment
DLA Holder Weekly rental
War pensioner Advance payment War pensioner Weekly rentalVTN
S TDI 1.6 115ps 5spd Manual†
S TDI 1.6 115ps 7spd Auto DSG£1,049T/A£156£66.74715236
​SE TSI 1.0 110ps 6spd Manual£0​T/A​£0​£60.81​715380
SE TSI 1.0 110ps 7spd Auto DSG​£149​T/A ​​£0​​£61.80​715378
​SE TSI EVO 1.5 130ps 6spd Manual​​£49​T/A ​​£0​​£61.14​715373
​SE TSI EVO 1.5 130ps 7spd Auto DSG​​£199​T/A ​​£0​​£62.13​715371
​SE TDI 1.6 115ps 5spd Manual​​£1,099​T/A ​​£19​T/A ​715235
​SE TDI 1.6 115ps 7spd Auto DSG​​£1,199​T/A ​​£119​T/A ​715234
​SE TDI 2.0 150ps 7spd Auto DSG​​£1,449​T/A ​​£369​T/A ​715230
​SE TSI 1.0 110ps 6spd Manual£249T/A​£0​£62.47​715376
​SE NAV TSI 1.0 110ps 7spd Auto DSG​£399​T/A​£0£​63.46​715374
​SE NAV TSI EVO 1.5 130ps Manual​£449​T/A​£0​£63.79​715369
​SE NAV TSI EVO 1.5 130ps 7spd Auto DSG​£599​T/A​£0​£64.79​715367
​​SE NAV TDI 1.6 115ps 5spd Manual​£1,149​T/A​£69​T/A​715233
​SE NAV TDI 1.6 115ps 7spd Auto DSG​£1,349​T/A​£269​T/A​715227
​SE NAV TDI 2.0 150ps 7spd Auto DSG​£1,499​T/A​£419​T/A​715229
​GT TDI 1.6 115ps 5spd Manual​£1,249​T/A​£169​T/A​715232
​​GT TDI 1.6 115ps 7spd Auto DSG£1,399​T/A£319​T/A​715231
​​GT TDI 2.6 150ps 7spd Auto DSG£​1,749​T/A​£669​T/A​715228

Offer from 1st July to 31st August 2018

T/A = Total allowance.

All vehicles include metallic paint unless otherwise stated.

* Fuel consumption and CO2 figures are obtained under standardised EU test conditions (Directive 93/116/EEC). This allows a direct comparison between different manufacturer models but may not represent the actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions achieved in ‘real world’ driving conditions. More information is available on the Volkswagen website at and at