A3 & A3 Sportback Motability Offers with Advanced Payments

The Audi A3 Sportback 5dr

ModelTransmission TypeMotability RefrenceCombined mpg (l/100km)*ABI Ins GpDLA/POP holders Advanced Payment
1.0 TFSI SE Technik 116PS
Manual71668462.8 (4.5)21£1,199.00
​1.0 TFSI SE Technik S tronic 116PS​Automatic​716683​62.8 (4.5)​21​£1,799.00 
​1.0 TFSI S line 116PS​Manual​716680​60.1 (4.7)​21​£1,749.00
​1.0 TFSI S line S tronic 116PS​Automatic​716679​60.1 (4.7)​21​£2,349.00
​1.0 TFSI Black Edition 116PS​Manual​716678​60.1 (4.7)​21​£2,349.00
​1.0 TFSI Black Edition S tronic 116PS​Automatic​716677​60.1 (4.7)​21​£2,749.00
​1.5 TFSI SE Technik CoD 150PS†​Manual​716682​56.5 (5.0)​26​£1,349.00
​1.5 TFSI SE Technik CoD S tronic 150PS†​Automatic​716681​58.9 (4.8)​26​£1,949.00
​1.5 TFSI Sport CoD 150PS†​Manual​718583​55.4 (5.1)​26​£2,249.00
​1.5 TFSI Sport CoD S tronic 150PS† ​Automatic​718582​56.5 (5.0)​26​£2,599.00
​1.5 TFSI S line CoD 150PS†​Manual​717510​54.3 (5.2)​26​£2,549.00
​1.5 TFSI S line CoD S tronic 150PS†​Automatic​717509​56.5 (5.0)​26​£2,649.00
​1.6 TDI SE Techik S tronic 116PS​Automatic​719422​70.6 (4.0)​21​​£2,549.00
​1.6 TDI Sport 116PS​Manual​719420​68.9 (4.1)​21​£1,699.00
​1.6 TDI S line 116PS ​Manual​717508​67.3 (4.2)​21​£1,799.00
​1.6 TDI S line S tronic 116PS​Automatic​717507​70.6 (4.0)​21​£2,099.00

*Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures are obtained under standardised test conditions (Directive 93/116/EEC) using a representative model. This allows a direct comparison between different models from different manufacturers, but may not represent the actual fuel consumption achieved in ‘real world’ driving conditions. Optional wheels may affect emissions and fuel consumption figures. More information is available at www.dft.gov.uk/vca †With cylinder-on-demand technology