How to Drive Economically

Fuel consumption has a lot to do not only with the car you drive, but also how you drive and maintain it. Regular servicing, engine oil checks and shorter journeys can lead to a more eco-friendly drive. But there are always very simple things you can do to save money, cut emissions and really make a difference to your car's performance.​​

Higher quality tyres can significantly improve fuel emissions. Premium wheels not only bolster fuel economy, but also shorten your vehicle's stopping distances, increase grip in wet conditions and reduce noise levels, leading to a safer and more comfortable ride. 

It is also beneficial to carry out regular checks of your tyre's pressure, especially prior to embarking on long journeys. Under-inflated tyres generate more rolling resistance, and so use more fuel. However, perfect tyre pressures can optimise fuel economy and slash CO2 emissions.

To drive more economically, you can alter your own driving characteristics to improve efficiency. Things like braking and accelerating more gently, moving up gears earlier, sticking to speed limits and even turning off the air conditioning can reduce your running costs and improve your vehicle's performance.