How to Change a Wheel - Video Guide

If you suffer a puncture on the road, you'll need to stop and change your tyres. Your vehicle's manual will help you locate your space wheel and jack.

Before you do anything, locate a safe place in which to stop, ensuring your car is standing on a flat and stable surface – this is important because it will stop the car from rolling, preventing a possible accident.​

Turn off your engine, apply the handbrake and put the gearstick in the neutral position.​​

Once the car is safe and stationary, place the jack in the lifting point closest to the wheel (this will be shown in your car's manual). Then, extend the jack until the car starts to rise on its springs.

Slacken off the wheel nuts, keeping your back straight and body weight evenly distributed on both feet. Make sure you leave the top wheel nut until last.

You should check the details on your spare tyre and note any restrictions. Some 'space-saver' spares have restrictions and are typically limited to travelling at speeds of 50mph. Also, inspect the pressure of the spare tyre and adjust it if necessary. You can then remove the damaged tyre, replace it with the spare, replace and tighten the wheel nuts to the correct torque and get the damaged tyre replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

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