Honda Service Plans in Chippenham & Gloucester

More than half a century in the automotive industry has led to Honda establishing a reputation for reliability and longevity that few manufacturers can hope to match. Properly maintained, a used Honda can be resold at a relatively high price.

Blade Group understands the importance of keeping your Honda in top condition, and as a result we offer a range of service plans, all of which represent excellent value. Service plans can be a great way to spread the cost of servicing, and inevitably save money in the long term. When you invest in one of our plans, you will benefit from our inflation-proof pricing structure, as well as the fact that the full cost of both parts and labour is covered. Your vehicle will receive the highest standards of care available, too. Our state-of-the-art facilities are staffed by Honda-trained technicians, and all maintenance is carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you care about the long-term condition – and eventual resale value – of your Honda, our service plans could be just the solution you are looking for. Get in touch with Blade Group today for more information, either by making an enquiry or contacting our premises in Gloucester.​