Tailored Servicing from Honda

What next? With a trusty mix tape, you knew it would be great because you'd carefully selected each track yourself. It's how we like to think of our Tailored Servicing Plans. Talk to our experts about what you need and can afford, and we'll complile something especially for you. So not only do you know what's coming up, it's just right. That's The Honda Way.

Tailored Service Plans

A tailored service plan at an affordable price

The right track for the right moment; only you know what’s the perfect fit. We could have a guess, but it’d be a safer bet just to ask you. After all, it’s not until we know how much you use your car and how you drive it that we’ll know exactly what you need.

Working with us, you’ll create a plan that is perfectly designed around you and the way you drive.

  • Choose how long you want your plan to last - from one to four years
  • Pick the type of service you want each year
  • Add any additional cover you think you might need
  • Then decide how you’ll pay. Either a one-off payment, or manageable monthly payments

Plus, with specially Honda trained technicians looking after your car, you know your Honda is in the best possible hands. It’s the perfect mix.

Talk to us today to get started.

​A tailored service plan is a 'prepayment' scheme. This means that you pay each installment in advance. The number of consecutive installments we collect by Direct Debit* will be equal to ten per year, as such, the actual number of collections will depend on the duration of your service plan. Further terms and conditions apply - please ask one of our service advisors for full details.​