Honda Fixed Price Servicing from £145

Fifteen centimetres. Ask some car dealers how much your service is going to cost, and they'll say they can't be sure. That's not The Honda Way. Our services have fixed prices. So there's always an answer to that old question: How long is a piece of string? And we'll always tell you up front. This one? Fifteen centimetres.

Honda Fixed Price Servicing

Guesswork. Fun with sweets in jars, but not something you need when you take your Honda for a service.

Luckily, Honda Fixed Price Servicing makes all costs – parts, labour, VAT – clear right from the outset.

And how do you sort it out? You guessed it. Just speak to somebody in the dealership.

What's the cost?

First year from £195*

Second year from £265*^

Third year from £245*

​*Prices quoted for perol and hybrid models. Additional costs apply for Diesel, 4x4 and Hybrid models. ^£75 additional charge for CVT and £100 additional chare for Type R valve clearance & Diesel fuel filter replacement in year two. Please ask our service advisors for details.​