Car Finance Types Explained

It can be difficult to know where to start when deciding how to finance your next car purchase. Your first decision is to decide whether you want to secure a loan directly from a bank, building society or other financial institution or whether arranging finance through a dealership is a better option. Whilst arranging car finance through us is convenient, it is, more importantly, flexible and cost effective. Blade Financial Solutions allow you to find a finance package which is tailored to your needs and pocket and and gives you access to a great range of special offers on both new and used cars.

There are a variety of car finance options available, including Personal Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Hire. You can find more details on these car finance types below, and if you'd like any further information our knowledgeable team will be pleased to take you through the options available in more detail - simply get in touch via phone, email or by using the equiry button.